Welcome to our family-hotel and on Spetses, Island with revolutionary spirit, rich history and cosmopolitan air. The twenty five experiences in the area of service will make your stay unique.

The 7islands located 900m from Dapia, the main port of Spetses, while on the beach of Agia Marina and the Old Port is 450m and 500m respectively. The location is idyllic, situated in a quiet area and just a few minutes from the center of nightlife, the Old Port, where there are the most famous restaurants by sea side, bar, club, exhibitions. The glamor of the Old Harbour remains unchanged with the imposing mansions, traditional fishing boats and sailboats creating a sense of romance.

Fully renovated in 2008, simple and austere lines of the building have been adapted with harmony and respect for the environment. Our rooms are influenced by the Zen Style, design based on harmony and color balance, simplicity and functionality to create an ideal sleep environment. It is equipped with all modern comforts while our primary purpose is impeccable cleanliness.

The 7 Islands is an ideal choice for those who wish to combine quality accommodation at an affordable price!

Authorization: 0207Κ11Κ30040000

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